About Us

Chiropractic doctor in Celina, Texas

I have more than 21 years experience successfully treating thousands of patients of all ages.  I am licensed in Texas, New Hampshire, Tennessee and Virginia.  I stay up to date with the latest and best forms of Chiropractic treatments to better treat the community.  We are excited to bring to Celina, State of the Art equipment which is typically only found in the large metropolitan areas.

Myself, my wife Ellen and our three children, Kathryn in college, John in 10th grade and Summer in 8th grade, were looking for a small town with an excellent 3A school system with a Christian atmosphere.  We also found  friendly neighbors, Churches with active children’s programs,  rural farming (as a hobby I enjoy driving and watching large John Deere tractors).
We feel it was no accident of course that we found Celina.  Immediately I was invited to come to a Quarterback Club meeting, which I joined.  It’s a great club that really share a passion for football and support the football program and now supports all the athletic programs.   My family has attended all the football games this year and we love it.  I have helped coach football over the years and winning is contagious and lots of fun for everyone.  My school colors were also orange and white in Mineola, TX where I was an All-District football player and we also share the same school song.  My parents come visit us every week and enjoy watching their grandchildren play football, soccer and basketball.  My father enjoys the trains that pass thru Celina as he is a retired train engineer and loves to hear them still.